• July 5th, 2020

First Swakop Food Fest tempting the taste buds

 Donna Collins

SWAKOPMUND - The first two-day Swakopmund Food Fest held last weekend buzzed with excitement and served up a fabulous atmosphere, while the wafting of delicious aromas from over 40 different food stalls tempted the taste buds.

An estimated 5 500 people went through the venue over the two days, with 90 percent of the respective food vendors whose stands were laden with food, sold out more than twice in some cases, and had to do a quick re-stock.

Not even the freezing cold temperatures kept away the crowds, who meandered around the outdoor amphitheatre that was dotted with tables and chairs for those who lingered over their mouth-watering treats. 

Stalls were represented by local restaurants, vendors and food wagons who offered a feast of dishes from a variety of kitchens, including Asian, Ethiopian, Indian, traditional, Sushi, and vegan. 

This wildly successful outdoor fair was organised by two dynamic young ladies, Dalene Stephanus and Chrystal Salt, who brought something really different to the table. And, since food usually brings people together, this event was no different, which presented an opportunity to literally try everything once. 
Visitors to the food fest were also spoilt for choice, and it was literally like being in a candy store, deciding which dish, which snack, which tart, which grill or which wrap you could fit in - as it was all so delicious and well prepared. 

Adding to the vibe, were non-stop sounds accompanied by DJ Lazza throughout the day, with some live music from Slickartie and Vaugh Ahrens entertaining.

Entertainment Now! caught up with a busy Stephanus on the opening day, who said the food fest came together by “divine intervention”, as it was originally just an idea she proposed to a group of friends, which Salt latched onto to become her partner. She also said it cost roughly N$80 000 to put together, and the chance they took really paid off. 

She mentioned that she recently left the advertising field behind in Windhoek, and wanted to keep herself busy with a new project, not realising her concept would turn into a winning recipe. 

In fact, preparation for this major food fest only started four months ago, with big sponsors like Nedbank and Coca-Cola coming on board, plus all the support from food-loving community and well-established eateries that did not hesitate to bring out some of their best recipes.

“I can’t believe we had such a fantastic turnout,” said the delighted Stephanus, adding that they thought their first Swakop Food Fest would just be a test run and were literally bowled over by everyone who came out to support the event. 

“We tried to give as much variety as possible, showcasing the different types of dishes and foods available and even included many of the ‘food trucks’, which is becoming a growing culture in Swakopmund. The good news is that we will turn this into an annual event, and will be back with the next holiday Swakop Food Fest just in time for the festive season,” she said.

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