• August 18th, 2019
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Five Namibian drug dealers paroled in Brazil

WINDHOEK -Five Namibian women arrested for drug trafficking in Brazil during the past three years are currently out on parole and doing community services there.  

The women were arrested between 2016 and 2018 at Sao Paolo on charges of drug trafficking.  As a result, the Namibian police is warning young unsuspecting Namibian women to be vigilant and not fall prey to predatory drug dealers who prey on unemployed youth.

According to a media statement issued by Nampol spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, the five women aged 33 and 30 are Denize Menie van Niekerk arrested in 2016, Charmaine Charlote Vries arrested in 2016 and Rauna Nayukifa Ngesheya arrested in 2018. 

The other two women are Mathilde Oumatjie Vaisako arrested in 2018 and Anzel Dedre Strauss arrested in 2018.
“All are however now released on parole and are doing community service in Brazil until each completes the five year sentence they got as a punishment,” stated Shikwambi.

Shikwambi said the five mentioned women were all recruited in Windhoek to collect parcels of different commodities such as Brazilian hair, shoes and clothing. 

She said while departing from Brazil, the women were apprehended at the airport, charged and ultimately sentenced to five years imprisonment.

“On various occasions, the Namibian police force through your esteemed offices cautioned would-be victims to desist from participating in this syndicate but seemingly our message did not reach the targeted audience. As such, we once again appeal to our young women to be vigilant and not fall prey to drug dealers,” stated Shikwambi.

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2019-02-27 09:13:57 5 months ago


  1. User
    William Damu

    Government has always has always been a source all this!, what do they do to lift up youths out of poverty, unemployment, crimes ec tera. . Country such as Namibia is a small country which is could achieve 100% employment, what do they do? Ans: advertise and train youths and freeze the posts later; evidence Police service, ndf, health extension workers posts, nurses posts ec tera. How do we oust the goast of corruption, favoritism , greedy, hatred, , nepotism, selfishness, self enrichment in the house?

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