• August 3rd, 2020

FNB customers have earned N$8 million in cash back

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Business & Finance

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - Since the launch of the FNB Rewards programme in November 2017 customers and employees of the bank have earned over N$ 8 million in cash back. “We are extremely happy with the rewards that our customers and employees have earned over the past nine months for doing everyday things like: purchasing airtime on Cellphone Banking, Online Banking or using the Banking App; filling up with fuel with an FNB Credit Card, and spending with a debit or credit card. Cash Backs have been paid into a linked Savings Pocket for customers to use whenever, and on whatever they please,” says Ryno Holland-Mutter, FNB Rewards Manager. Oshoyeli Nuuyuni said: “Initially when the rewards were launched I was extremely excited and when I changed my banking behaviour by using the App for banking transfers, payment and a whole range of other stuff. I also started to transact more on my credit card and now I smile all the way at the end of each month.” Zico Maasdorp advises that after his branch upgraded his credit card and fixed the marketing consent he received his first reward money. “I then changed my spending behaviour by swiping for fuel and other purchases with my credit card, and now I earn great money every month and have additional funds available. Thank you FNB.” There are seven possible goals which customers can aspire to in order to reach the next reward level. These include going digital on all statements, using the FNB App, transacting on FNB Debit and Credit Card; growing their savings balance, having an Investment Account, a personal loan and/ or a home loan. If all the criteria are met, customers will achieve level seven of the reward programme and are then rewarded with a cash back on a variety of transactions such as paying for fuel with the credit card, purchasing groceries with the debit card and paying for pre-paid airtime. FNB Namibia will reward customers with up to 10 percent on fuel purchases with Credit Card; up to .025 percent on Debit Card spend; up to 2.25 percent on Credit Card Spend and up to 10 percent on Prepaid Airtime purchased.
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