• August 5th, 2020

FNB Namibia supports Agri Outlook Conference

WINDHOEK - FNB Namibia has joined Agricultural Outlook Conference 2018 with a sponsorship of N$50 000.
Christo Viljoen, Head of FNB Agri says the theme of the conference, Ignite growth in Agriculture, the basis for job creation and value addition, is of vital importance in and to Namibia, especially in light of the current economic climate, job losses and land debates. “Agriculture in our country can and will always be one of the main drivers of our economy, if handled properly and professionally. We have a huge country which offers great potential, and ranges from farming with more ‘hardy’ animals and fruit like dates and table grapes in the south, to the North of Namibia where crops and vegetables which might need more water could and should be grown. The potential is endless and could lead to many more employment opportunities, exports and contribution to Namibia’s GDP.” 

The Agricultural Outlook Conference hosted by the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) has been taking place every two years since 2012. The main purpose of the conference is to create an opportunity for the agricultural sector in Namibia to discuss joint issues as well as to provide information to agricultural producers that can be expected in terms of the agricultural economy, prices and markets in the future. It takes place tomorrow at the Safari Hotel and Conference Centre in Windhoek. 

Viljoen adds that the conference this year is aimed at developing ideas to fuel growth in the agricultural sector. “If the primary sector is not growing, no additional jobs can be created to benefit the rural economy. Thus, emphasis will be on identifying low-hanging fruits in the livestock, agriculture, wildlife and other sectors that will spur future growth. Hence the theme, Ignite growth in agriculture - The basis for job creation and value addition. As one of the leading financial institutions in the country, FNB Namibia is committed to ensuring that the country and its economy grows, and that Namibians have more opportunities for employment. Their brand mantra of How Can We Help You? extends to all sectors of society and definitely includes the vital sector of agriculture. 

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2018-10-09 10:12:10 | 1 years ago

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