• July 14th, 2020

Focus on natural medicine with Avacare natural products

Focus, Health
Focus, Health

Staff Reporter WINDHOEK - Due to the long terms effects of allopathic medicine which is also known as conventional medicine, especially in chronic patients, natural medicine is gaining popularity. It is against this background that Avalife, a local company which is part of ErongoMed has introduced natural health products to patients with various ailments. The new range of Avalife products have been on the market since last year in September and were formally launched, recently. The products cater for various diseases, including patients whose immune systems are compromised, such as HIV patients and diabetics. The products include Avalife Diabetes Support, which includes tablets, diabetic foot cream and a fight pain gel. The Avarise ‘Enhance Intimacy’ products are designed specifically for women and include an intimate gel, intimate wipes and intimate wash. Other than for maintaining good hygiene and a healthy PH balance in women, the products and in particular, the intimate gel enhances natural lubrication in women and thus sexual pleasure, explained Olivia Tsibes, the Country Medical Representative for Avalife. According to Tsibes, a survey was done with a local doctor who tested the products on patients. It was found to have positive results, she added. Furthermore, the Avalife advance rescue and Avalife daily flora are probiotics, which are mostly for gut health and is available as self-medication and acute. Patients with stomach ulcers and those who are lactose intolerant can benefit from the probiotics, she explained. Tsibes also explained the BioDTox product, which is for detoxification. This is essential considering that toxins build up in the human body due to stress, incorrect diet, alcohol and drugs, she explained. Tsibes maintained that the products are safe to use, even with pregnant and lactating mothers because they are natural. This means that there are no chemicals in the products, she explained. “We are moving to a more natural approach,” added Tsibes. Tsibes also explained that when used for a very long time, allopathic medicines tend to have effects on the human body, particularly the vital organs.
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