• September 21st, 2020

Follow your passion, not money… Namoloh urges cadet constables

ONDANGWA - Safety and security minister Charles Namoloh has advised more than 700 cadet constables currently undergoing a 12-month training at the Ruben Danger Ashipala Training Centre against joining the force for money.

The minister said the cadet constables should instead be driven by the passion to serve the Namibian nation.
“Do not come here to solve your poverty. You must have the passion to be a police officer.  You should not be here because you will get a cheque, that should be complementary,” said Namoloh.
Namoloh was speaking at the official opening of the training at Ondangwa yesterday.

Namoloh also urged those who are using the force as a stepping-stone to greener pastures to quit the training, citing that the ministry has invested N$2 million in the course development.

He said it has become a trend of individuals to join the force only to demand promotions and increments within three months of policing and use that as an excuse to resign for positions elsewhere.

“If you have that notion, I want you to walk out now because we will not promote you in three months and we will not increase your salary within three months. I want you to walk out so that you do not give us problems after you graduate,” Namoloh said to the cadet constables.

In the same vein the minister also urged the cadet constables to refrain from becoming accomplices of crime, making reference to the 20 police officers who were implicated in criminal activities in the Khomas region and subsequently arrested.

Equally, Namoloh advised the trainees to always conduct themselves appropriately even after duty.
He appealed to them to safeguard government properties whilst they are at the training.

Speaking at the same event, the Inspector General of the Namibian Police Force, Lieutenant-General Sebastian Ndeitunga, said the training has been expanded to 12 months to ensure that it meets the requirements required in a democratic policing dispensation.

He said the extension will further provide training that is responsive to violation of the fundamental human rights, increased crime rates, and withdrawn cases due to the lack of evidence which in some cases is owing to the lack of investigative skills of the police, amongst others.

Nuusita Ashipala
2019-10-25 07:31:32 | 10 months ago

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