• June 5th, 2020

Football officials out of their depth

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There has been a nauseating element of false dichotomy within the administration of Namibian football, a well-crafted misleading account of available alternatives in cleaning up the mess domestic football finds itself entangled in. Those in positions of trust have made it their sole province to set up a dichotomy in such a way it appears there are only a few possible conclusions when, in fact, there are further alternatives not mentioned. Any invalid form of argument that is one on which the premises can be true without the conclusion necessarily being true. Now, yours truly has deliberately chosen the above preamble to analyse the hotly debated validity of Namibia Football Association (NFA) Secretary General (SG) Barry Rukoro. One finds it extremely ludicrous that some trigger-happy blokes went to the length of discussing technicalities in an employment contract without considering the consequences of the content. It has come to the fore that there are discrepancies in the SG’s two-year employment contract that stipulates that the incumbent will only vacate office when he turns 60, obviously due to a technical error since we all, including the incumbent, knew that the contract was to expire end of March 2018. The mere fact that there are many discrepancies in the signed employment contract with none of the two signatories managing to notice the loopholes during the signing ceremony – the contract becomes invalid because of these schoolboy-error discrepancies. It is clearly stated in the employment contract that the tern of occupancy is two years and the occupant was not 58 years old when he entered into contractual agreement, the subsequent argument that the term of employment only expires when the occupant turns 60, becomes immaterial. Nonetheless, yours truly still maintains that the NFA President acted amateurish by pre-maturely announcing that the SG’s employment contract will not be renewed upon its expiry. This exercise had prompted the NFA Executive to roll up their sleeves by calling the President to order because as yours truly inks this piece, the SG is still an employee of the association, albeit by default. The men in blue suits at Football House even went as far as threatening the under-fire NFA honcho with an unconstitutional no-confidence motion, which came to nothing after intervention by the world’s football governing body, FIFA. The NFA could not inform the nation, through the media, what the behind closed-door discussion with the FIFA official was all about, but some of us have been around the block a couple of times to smell a rat. It was never revealed who was in fact at fault rather than that the SG’s contract would be discussed at tomorrow’s NFA General Assembly at the Omuthiya, in the Oshikoto Region. Well!!! They don’t say it loud but word has it that an agreement has already been reached that the President undertakes to lay his hands off the seemingly untouchable SG in return for votes to alter the association’s fragile constitution that would not only extend the President’s lodging but also several other executives within the stinking rich FIFA-funded NFA hierarchy. This brings us to the unwanted conclusion that there is indeed a pattern of inadequate excuse for bad behaviour, based on the companions-in-guilt move. This sort of ploy is conveniently used as an attempt to excuse wrongdoing by picking out companions in guilt, who are far guiltier than the person in question. I rest my case.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-27 10:26:12 | 2 years ago

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