• July 2nd, 2020

Former Miss Namibia passionate about acting

WINDHOEK - Former Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze, is without a doubt the most talented actress Namibia has, having appeared in six theatre plays and over five movies, including a cameo in ‘The Mummy’, a 2017 American action-adventure horror film directed by Alex Kurtzman starring Tom Cruise.

Gertze confesses to Entertainment Now! that she is passionate and deeply in love with acting and modelling. However, if she had to choose, acting would win. “I love to perform. However, when it comes to the industry, we do need national support to see it grow and thrive as a proudly Namibian sector. Namibia has an important story to tell, and we need that platform to tell it to the world,” she says.

The Miss Namibia 2010 feels that the Miss Namibia pageant opened up many doors for her. She also had a word of advice for current contestants, saying they need to remember that their attitude and work ethic will determine if those doors remain open. 

She says being ridiculed and chastened comes with the territory, referring to recent events where the public expressed mixed reactions on the calibre of the current contestants. 

“Miss Namibia comes with constant scrutiny and cruelty associated with it but you need to understand that remaining focused on your goal and dream is of utmost importance. Work hard, focus on your dreams. Learn to serve and love others unconditionally,” Gertze advises.

The budding personality still enjoys modelling when the opportunities present, however, she is steadfast on harnessing her acting career, as she is passionate about telling that Namibian story.
She is currently starring in a film ‘Encore’, by Senga Brockerhoff, which tells the story of a dancer who finds herself lost in an old theatre. 

“There she meets a carpenter who shows her something that turns her reality upside down. A thrilling story that is a must-see,” she enthusiastically hints.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-05-24 10:43:32 | 1 years ago

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