• April 19th, 2019
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Former PM tells youth to exploit cultural tourism

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-Former prime minister Nahas Angula says during the current times of economic hardship the youth must become innovative and use what is available in order to generate an income. He said the youth of the //Kharas Region in particular have a huge potential to make money, especially through cultural tourism, if they could organise themselves and grab the opportunity. Speaking at the launch of the Ubuntu-Youth Economic Empowerment Program at Keetmanshoop on Wednesday, he said young people should cherish their traditions and cultures, as this can be a great source of income if turned into business. He explained that tourists that come into the country want to have a local experience and learn local cultures and participate in traditional activities, and it is up to the youth to exploit the opportunities by offering such activities, and thereby make money. “Cultural tourism is one area that has the potential to provide jobs to the young people, but we have tourists coming to our country and we do not benefit – only lodge owners and tour guides benefit,” he said. Angula said young people should approach the older generation so that not only is the traditional knowledge passed on to the younger generation, but the knowledge and traditions be used for economic purposes by the youth. “Our tradition can be a resource, so how can we position ourselves to benefit from the tourists coming to our country?” he asked. He further urged the youth from the region not to be afraid to move to other parts of the country, saying they should embrace the whole of Namibia. Angula commended Rene’ Famer, the director of UBUNTU Business Advisory Services cc for the good gesture, saying civic organisations are needed in times of difficulties to assist government. “When unemployment is rising, so does poverty and this is not good, and thus civic organisations should reach out to the youth, and create a future and opportunities for them.” Briefly speaking on the program, Farmer said the aim is to assist the youth with a different approach, by not only training them but exposing them to possibilities, linking them with potential employers or business partners, and helping them with business plan, amongst others. “Our young people do not need training anymore, they are tired of these trainings without action,” she said. She said the program intends to spearhead local economic development in the southern towns, by mentoring young people to acquire the necessary skills that will make them employable, or that will empower them to become self-employed. Farmer is confident that with her vast knowledge of business, and connections with many businesses and institutions, it is only a matter of time before doors for the youths open.
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2017-11-09 09:21:59 1 years ago

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