• June 26th, 2019
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Fransfontein farmers to revive association

Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab-Farmers in the Fransfontein area plan to revive their association later this month having been stagnant since 2013. Claus Hanadoeb, former chairperson of the Fransfontein Farmers Association, says it will be revived to attend to the needs of the local farming community that, for the past six years, has been without the necessary farming support. Just like previously, the motto of the association remains ‘Ada Ma /Hao Tsi #Gariba !Oa //Gu (farmers want to be united in farming). “We will meet in two weeks’ time to revive our group and also to establish a committee that will be responsible for its operations,” Hanadoeb says. He says the revival will particularly help the elderly and helpless farmers, who are not able to travel or seek assistance for their livestock. “These farmers cannot travel to Windhoek or other places to seek advice or assistance for their livestock,” Hanadoeb emphasises. The Fransfontein Farmers Association was formed in 2000 and existed until 2013. Although the term of then office bearers ended in 2010, Hanadoeb runs the group single-handedly and served in various positions such as secretary general until 2013. He says people do not want to serve in positions for organisations voluntarily and this is one reason why the association died. “Educating farmers is very important and the ministry of agriculture officials will not tend to us always, so we need to assist one another,” Hanadoeb advises. The executive committee of the association will consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary general, vice secretary general, treasurer, deputy treasurer and an additional member. The previous committee had four men and three women. Once the association has been revived, it will offer farmers training in pigs, chicken, crops, ducks or any livestock farming. Hanadoeb calls upon the youths to take up farming as it is a ‘living bank’. “Start farming while you are young as you can only harvest what you sow. Start investing in your future,” he urged the youth. The meeting will take place at Fransfontein’s Frans Frederick Primary School hall on April 28 at 09h00.
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2018-04-17 09:46:57 1 years ago

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