• October 25th, 2020

From Promise to Jael MK

Ivona Frans

Having given music lovers hits such as ‘Tanauka’, Jael MK hangs up Promise and her lifestyle to introduce herself as a gospel minister.
Long touted as one of those with the ability to snatch the throne of Afro-pop at her peak, songstress Promise speaks out about her transition and her musical career as a gospel minister.
In an interview shared on her social media, the engaged-to-be-married star reveals that deep down she was tired of being who she was. Known as Jael MK today, the songstress broke into the music industry in 2012, where she featured different artists and eventually released her first album in 2014, titled ‘Lioness’.
She continued giving us hits from ‘Tanauka’ and ‘Komangoma’ – to mention but a few, with her last video being ‘Choose Day’.
The star disclosed she grew tired of everything within the secular industry, including the norm of having to reveal a part of her body to be accepted.
The ‘Tanauka’ hitmaker stated she remembers going in her room and praying for God to forgive her for hurting him through what she was doing.
 “There were times I got tired of who I was; I got tired of getting on stage and dancing half-naked. Though people see this talented musician, who is Promise, deep down, this is not what I wanted,” she stated.
Jael MK says despite the transition being hard to the point of her not being able to afford her lifestyle, she vows to never perform her old songs because she is now a worshiper and that is her past.
“I will never perform my old songs – that is my past. To the people out there, thinking of booking Promise, you will never see Promise perform ‘Komangoma’ or ‘Tanauka’; you will never see her do those songs again, but you will definitely see Jael MK,” she stated.
She added she is currently busy with an album and her first gospel single will be released soon.

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