• April 24th, 2019
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Garden Guys Landscaping focus on water-wise plants

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Business & Finance

Staff Reporter Windhoek-Garden Guys Landscaping, a recently established independent business operating in and around Windhoek, has taken cognisance of the prevailing drought and have thus decided to predominantly focused on water-wise gardening. According to owner Alan de Bever, numerous clients have been successfully assisted with installations and plant choices, to make their gardens a remarkable aspect of their homes while efficiently using water.  De Bever, a Namibian, is academically trained as a horticulturalist and has a number of years of experience in the horticulture and landscaping sector. He notes that the business transforms gardens into ‘water-wise’ gardens that thrive in Namibia and specifically Windhoek’s arid climate without using a lot of water or just maintaining existing gardens. “With water being a scarce commodity in Namibia, efficient and effective irrigation systems do not just make economic sense, they are essential. The expertise acquired by Garden Guys Landscaping over the years, having worked on big and small projects, means that the irrigation systems are of the highest standard and fully automated if desired. There is always an eco-friendly way to maintain a residential or commercial property when it comes to the garden,” De Bever explained. In the newly established company, local Namibians are employed and trained. De Bever noted that it is essential for Garden Guys Landscaping to develop and train its employees who are associated with the business, so that they and the business can improve, diversify their skill-set and grow. Garden Guys Landscaping encompasses activities and aspects regarding landscaping as well as on-going gardening services, working on both residential as well as commercial properties and projects.  The business has started supplying and installing green houses for food and ornamental plant production best suited for the local climate. De Bever added that future undertakings will include focusing on organic gardening, supplying heirloom vegetable seeds and establishing an urban vegetable farming sector using modern farming techniques that are more efficient and productive. This he, says, will provide people the tools and the knowledge to start vegetable gardens and become healthier by having access to organic home-grown vegetable, fruit and herbs.
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2018-01-10 09:44:18 1 years ago

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