• August 4th, 2020

Geingob thanks Jamaica for liberation struggle help


Kuzeeko Tjitemisa WINDHOEK - President Hage Geingob has thanked Jamaica for its strong support during Namibia’s liberation struggle. Geingob said this at the state dinner he hosted in honour of the visiting Jamaica Prime Minister Michael Holness and his delegation at State House on Monday. Holness arrived in the country on Sunday for a three-day visit at the invitation of Geingob. Geingob said Namibia’s relations with the great Jamaican people are longstanding, dating back to the time when the Namibian people bore the harsh aggression of the South African apartheid regime. “The people of Jamaica stood firm, with us, and contributed immensely to our emancipation in many ways. You opened your doors and embraced us as brothers and sisters,” he said. “We shall forever remember and be grateful as you have truly enriched our nationhood beyond measure,” Geingob said. Geingob firmly believes that Namibia should remain Jamaica’s partner of choice because the two countries share values entrenched in democratic principles – the idea that power flows from the people; the rule of law; the idea that no-one, however powerful, is higher than the universal rules as espoused by the UN Charter, and the idea that the dignity of every individual must be respected. “Here we are considering our brothers and sisters in Western Sahara and Palestine. Their voices remain unheard as they remain stripped of their dignity on their way to freedom and self-determination,” he said. “Their plight is our mission! An open stable society supports an open stable economy, and an open economy is what underpins lasting prosperity,” said Geingob. According to the head of state, these values help in building societies where technology, innovation and creativity can flourish, where investors can take risks, where fortunes are made by coming up with new ways to fulfil people’s needs and aspirations. “Jamaica and Namibia must hold hands and stand up for these values, shoulder to shoulder and stand up for a universal rule-based international system. We must stand together within the framework of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of Countries,” he said. “It is only through the unity of group members that we will be able to attain mutual benefit for all African, Caribbean and Pacific countries,” he said. “So I say, let us do this together – invest together, grow together, support peaceful co- existence and development together and tackle climate change together.” “If we do this now – as I passionately believe we should – then we can rest assured that our partnership will continue to flourish for years to come,” he added. Namibia and Jamaica on Monday signed various cooperation agreements aimed at deepening bilateral relationships between the two countries.
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2018-07-25 09:15:09 | 2 years ago

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