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Genocide: Waterberg

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

Genocide: Waterberg
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An abattoir of red marrows!

A hairdresser of tomorrows,

Who cut your coiffure?

With noisy hair clippers for ladies

A slaughterhouse of premature babies!



Who banqueted at your

tsamma melons’ tablecloth?

Your aperitifs of Mary cocktails,

Like foams on frosty glasses, 

you drained my identity,

Like OMO, you rinsed my hope

An abattoir of hominids’ offal!



A menu of squashed tomatoes, 

and purple-red wine

A return ticket to hell,

Like shy pink clouds,

A short-lived streak of light 

in eternal horizonless



Flashing your clinkered rocks,

Like glowing embers,

A simmering three-legged pot

of human broth,

A stew of smokeless skulls,

A hunter in pursuit of mirages



An oasis of ice-cold beer 

A butchery of chitterlings

Like a chronic boozer,

you tanked up my tears!

Like a drunkard,

you sponged my sweat!



A mellow brandy puking my babalaas

A vineyard of flavourless wine

you chauffeured me into timelessness

Like a craving winebibber

you chugged my blood 

and grilled my pride on open fire



A knackers’ yard of menudo

As a tourist in a tomb

A newborn in a blood-spattered womb

my shaking tumbler overflows with pus

of my caesarean death



Demised hairless skulls

Like boasting pregnant women

Genocide foetuses in their bellies 

A stockyard of chitlins and

Tinkling calf’s urine



A visitor in my backyard!

A boemelaar banging a discotheque,

Announcing my unhurried death

Endless teardrops of nursing momma

Breastfeeding women in a coma

A blood-soaked hawthorn’s diaper

An abattoir of aborigines’ tripe!



* Poem by Ruben Kapimbi

2022-05-11  Staff Reporter

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