• June 25th, 2019
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German film completed in Namibia

By Frederick Philander WINDHOEK The last camera shots of on-location shooting on a two-part German television feature film series in Namibia ended yesterday at the Swakopmund cemetery after four months. Seven Namibian actors were cast in the film, Bushman Paradise for the ZDF by a German film company, Polyphon. The film is expected to be screened in December to an estimated 10 million television viewers in Germany. According to information received from the local production company that acted as host for the German outfit in Namibia, Power and Glory Films, the feature film is an original local story. "Two farmers have a grudge against each other for many years due to the fact that their neighbouring farms are forced to share the same scarce water resources. When one of the farmers dies in a plane crash in the Namib Desert, the bereaved family needs to look for his missing brother, who 30 years earlier decided to live with a San family. This brother has to be found as the sole inheritor of the farm. An adventurous search for him is then launched," says a statement received from Almute Moller of Power and Glory Films. The Namibian actors, some as little as two-line cameo parts, in the predominantly German movie cast are: Freddy Frewer (a doctor), Natasha Lamoela (a female doctor), Obed Emvula, playing a major part in the Sam Nujoma movie Where Others Wavered (a paramedic), Herero radio personality Alex Kaputu (a pastor), Dijongo Zaire (a taxi driver), Yvonne Stramis and Tjara Kaputu (Himba women). "During the search for the brother, a former love story between the children of the grudging farmers is revealed. A son, born out of a secret relationship, would become the next heir should the missing brother not be found. However, this heir is only seven years old and is bitten by a poisonous snake while playing in the fields. His mother has to face matters, which she tried to escape from seven years ago. She is confronted with her and her family's past, entangled in a mixture of fears and lies from misunderstandings and longings - and this time there is no escape from it," the statement from Power and Glory Films said. Bushman Paradise liberally makes use of natural Namibian landscapes and well-known scenes from the Fish River Canyon, the Namib Desert, Epupa Falls and Etosha, is produced by Wolfgang Rademann and directed by Michael Steinke.
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2006-04-07 00:00:00 13 years ago

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