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German-speaking Namibians offer expertise

2021-09-21  Paheja Siririka

German-speaking Namibians offer expertise
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The Forum of German-speaking Namibians said their intention and objectives for setting up the grouping, among others, is to become more visible by promoting dialogue with all cultural groups of Namibia.

The group shared their mission with President Hage Geingob last week, adding that German-speaking Namibians have been absent in local society and maybe have been entrenched in their comfort zones.

“There has been a desire by certain elements of the German-speaking Namibians to become more visible by promoting dialogue with all cultural groups and all other ethnic tribes of Namibia,” said the chairman of the forum Harald Hecht.

He added that he is dealing with a lot of German-speaking Namibians who want to invest in Namibia and for the forum to make its expertise available.

With about 122 members, the forum was established officially this year although they have been in existence for a while but couldn’t formally set it up due to Covid-19.

President Geingob said the mandate of the forum is important, considering that unity and diversity are important.

“You must be patriotic because this is your country, and this is the only place you can call home and we are trying to unite in different ways. We are Namibians before anything else and we need to pull in the same direction and build the country. It is the only one we have. It’s a beautiful country, enough space for everyone,” stated Geingob.

He said ways need to be established on how to create wealth for everybody, providing basic necessities and creating a conducive environment to address the issue of poverty.

“We must focus more on the very poor and if we can join hands, that way we can build a beautiful country,” said Geingob.

Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said with missions such as that of the forum, equity is important, not only for purposes of fairness and justice for those who are destitute but for everyone, adding that the tongue is a mighty weapon that can block paths to prosperity.

“There are some people who think in democracy you just criticise to a point that those who want to come and help make the country better are scared by things that are being said, things that are sometimes blown out of proportion,” she stated.

 “There are investors who would say they can’t come to Namibia due to the population or the purchasing power is too small. This will mean that businesspeople in Namibia may have the capital and the know-how to expand their businesses.”

2021-09-21  Paheja Siririka

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