• July 21st, 2019
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Germany, Netherlands planners plant trees


Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz-Two city planners from Germany and the Netherlands last Friday planted more trees at Helene Van Rhijn Primary School, where they also shared tips on gardening with learners. Michel Weijers from the Netherlands and Martin Lyhme from Germany planted fruit trees, vegetables, and a few shade trees at the school. The two city planners, currently enjoying their holiday in Lüderitz, could not hide their joy to see the plants they planted two years ago growing. They were satisfied with the trees they planted two years ago and said the fact that the trees they planted have grown is an indication that learners and teachers took good care of them. “Trees can even grow in the desert. If you can make the soil better, and take care of the plants, we can make the town more beautiful,” said Lyhme. Weijers explained that they planted the trees at primary schools to teach learners how to grow, plant and take care of trees. He further said they did this with the aim of getting the learners to emulate this practice at home, which would one day lead to a green town of Lüderitz. In 2016, the duo promised to conduct follow-ups every year but failed to travel to Namibia last year. Weijers promised that they would come back next year to check on the trees. “Here in the desert, it is important to learn how to grow a plant from scratch, since it is more difficult to grow trees in this part of the country compared to the northern part,” he said.
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2018-02-20 09:36:14 1 years ago

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