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Give extended family members the funeral they deserve

2019-05-08  Staff Reporter

Give extended family members the funeral they deserve

Stefan du Raan

People often joke about their own funeral and how they envision it to be. Some make extremely quirky requests they insist that their family members respect on the day they’re buried.

We all know, however, death isn’t a laughing matter. Neither is the financial strain that arranging a burial can put on a family.  The news of a loved one’s death will be a hard blow for everyone and, once over the initial shock, the family will have to start thinking about the arrangements for the funeral.

Will this be the time you all start arguing over who is going to pay for it? Or, will it be a time of quiet reflection and planning as you know that the funeral policy you have in place will take care of everything you need?
Many people don’t think about funeral cover until it is too late. Did you know that there are policies on the market which offer extended cover for your partner, children, parents and other blood relatives?

This is a tremendous benefit to very large families. Large families which are close and get along well are wonderful because they create such a great support system. But, a fact of life with large families is that there will, inevitably, be more deaths and funerals in the family.

Another consideration is that family members are often living far from each other too, so there can be all sorts of unexpected expenses involved in arranging a funeral.

Today even a basic funeral can cost up to N$8 000. It could take your family years to recover financially. Think about the cost of catering, transport of the body to and from the church, flowers and funeral notices for the church and, most importantly, buying a tombstone to honour their memory. You would want everything to be perfect on the day and be assured it is the best possible farewell you could give that family member. You won’t feel at ease and be able to plan a proper service if you don’t have enough money. The arrangements will become stressful and nerve-wracking and you are bound to feel you have failed your loved one by not planning for their death.

Many people don’t consider the post funeral expenses either. The tombstone unveiling, sometimes held immediately after the burial and other times up to a year later, can be more expensive than the actual funeral was. Without proper cover, your family could end up covering the cost of this important ceremony through loans or paying for it out of your own pockets.
With cover for extended family members you will be able to afford these costs and give your loved ones the dignified service they deserve. Your monthly contribution will be a saving grace for your family in this time of need.
Don’t let a lack of funds rob you of giving your loved one a proper burial. For peace of mind that this won’t happen, speak to Hollard about funeral cover for extended family members.

*Stefan du Raan is employed in the Marketing Department at Hollard Namibia

2019-05-08  Staff Reporter

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