• July 21st, 2019
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GK Wahl Combined School to host entrepreneurship day

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Selma Shiwaya Forty-two Grade 10 learners at the GK Wahl Combined School in Kalkfeld will be selling their wares during the entrepreneurship day this Friday. The annual day forms part of the Grade 10 curriculum where participating learners are expected to put their academic theory to use and operate a business of their choice. A Grade 10 learner, Jemimah van Ster, is joyful over the occasion, saying preparations have been going well. “We did most of the preparations last week, therefore we only have to make final touches before Friday,” she says. Van Ster, whose business includes games, horse riding, face painting and food, says that the day provides a platform for them to gain hands-on experience in business operations. “We will be gaining business skills on how to approach and handle customers. I am also glad that I will be able to apply what I learnt in class on this day,” she says. Tjiho Ronald, an entrepreneurship teacher at the school, says it is an opportunity for the learners to learn and share their business knowledge. “We will be expecting them to apply everything that they learnt in class. From setting up a business to marketing, customer service, pricing their products and all the planning that goes into business execution,” he explains. Judges will observe the learners in order to give them feedback later. In addition, the school has invited local business owners to observe and advise the learners on mistakes that they pick up. “Observations will be done on how the learners handle their money, the information that they have about their products, how they attract customers as well as how to make sure that they make a profit. This subject is aligned with Vision 20130, therefore we really just want these learners to apply their skills in a way that they can become future entrepreneurs and hence an effort to reduce unemployment,” says Tjiho. All Kalkfeld residents are invited for a day of fun activities, refreshments and good music. The event starts at 10am at the GK Wahl school grounds.
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