• December 2nd, 2020

Global cooperation needed - Zhang

Chinese ambassador Zhang Yiming says global cooperation and not stigmatisation of some countries is needed to help the world to overcome the pandemic that has claimed over 200 000 lives.

“Only through solidarity and cooperation can the international community work together to overcome the pandemic. China will continue to stand with African friends, share anti-epidemic experience, and provide all possible medical support,” he said.

Ambassador Zhang spoke last Thursday, at the hand over ceremony of a huge consignment of an assortment of medical equipment flown from Beijing, China to assist Namibia to fight against Covid-19. 

The handover ceremony at the Hosea Kutako International Airport WAS witnessed by the minister of health, Dr Kalumbi Shangula and the deputy minister for international relations and cooperation, Jennely Matundu. 

The medical supplies weighing almost three tonnes comprise of 20 000 N95 medical masks, 10 000 medical masks, 2 000 disposable medical gowns, 500 thermometers, 2 000 medical goggles procured for Namibia by Chinese billionaire, Jack Ma.

Though the Chinese embassy did not give the value of the donated life-saving equipment, its value could run into millions of dollars.

Ambassador Zhang whose country previously gave free scholarships worth tens of millions of dollars to Namibia and gave drought aid worth millions and seconded medical doctors to Namibia among others, said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

China, said the Chinese ambassador, will never forget the precious support rendered by the Namibian government at the toughest time when China went all out to cope with Covid-19. 

“President Geingob was one of the first foreign heads of state to express solidarity and support to President Xi Jinping. On 3 April, President Xi Jinping had a phone call with President Geingob, reaffirming the determination of the two countries to work together against the epidemic,” further stated the ambassador.

President Geingob, he noted, has expressed firm support for China’s selfless global effort to help numerous African, European and even America to fight the current pandemic, and Geingob is also resolute and has stood firm against a campaign to stigmatise China through the epidemic in what is seen as discrimination.

Ambassador Zhang emphasised that the epidemic in Africa has become more severe since March, and the Namibian government has taken decisive measures to prevent and curb its further spread.

“The Chinese government and people have also acted swiftly to support Namibia’s anti-epidemic efforts with concrete actions. The first batch of anti-epidemic materials donated by the Chinese government include, 20 000 N95 medical masks, 10 000 general medical masks, 2   000 disposable medical protective gowns, 500 portable infrared thermometers, 2 000 gedical goggles, 10 000 disposable medical rubber examination gloves, and 10 000 medical shoe covers. The second batch of aid from the Jack Ma Foundation contains 18 900 swabs and extraction kits, 10 023 N95 masks, 10 ventilators, 3 800 suits and face shields, 36 thermometers, and 9 500 gloves, urgently needed by Namibia.”

“These materials will enhance the response capacity of the Namibian government and vividly demonstrate the long-lasting friendship between China and Namibia. Only through solidarity and cooperation can the international community work together to overcome the epidemic. China will continue to stand with African friends, share anti-epidemic experience, and provide all possible support,” noted the Chinese ambassador.

Shangula said Namibia has stood together in solidarity with China since the pandemic broke out several months ago. 

“The Namibian government appreciates China ’s effective measures to successfully control the epidemic. China’s successful practices have inspired Namibia and the international community and provided valuable experience for the global fight against the pandemic. The supplies donated by the Chinese side will help Namibia to further expand the scope of testing, control the spread of the community, and reduce the risk of infection of frontline medical staff,” noted the Namibian health minister.

Matundu also thanked China for its assistance, believing that this assistance vividly demonstrated the friendly bilateral relations between China and Namibia and is a model for the international community to unite and respond to pandemics.

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2020-04-28 10:01:30 | 7 months ago

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