• July 23rd, 2019
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Gospel album a ‘must listen’


Clemans Miyanicwe It’s evident on the ten track album that pastor Alfeus Araeb is a veteran of the Gospel music, as his experience in the industry is strongly felt on the album titled Khoe-khoegowab ‘#Ei oatara (I remember). Araeb started his musical career at the then South West African Broadcasting Corporation (SWABC), now Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) with a twelve song cassette Garere !Khuba ti /oms (Praise the Lord oh my soul). #Ei oatara was released two days before last Christmas. Araeb is joined by Bonny Araeb, his nephew, and Outjo Gemeente Choir, Diana /Uiras, who trembles a listener spiritually with her angelic alto voice. #Ei oatara, track three and the title song is about remembering good things that the Lord has done for you and on that track /Uiras kicks off the song singing in her sweet angelic voice while Araeb makes the song more powerful with his lay voice as he praise the Creator for his goodness. Araeb says he wrote the song when he was disappointed in 1995 when he was declined a study visa to the United States of America (USA). On track one, Araeb and /Uiras, My Lord they plead for the Almighty’s love. The lyrics are so powerful making one emotional as the due beg God. Mapa tani I (Where will I go) /Uiras starts the songs in her angelic voice with two asking God numerously where to having been born in this sinful world. Track four, Tita Ge !Khuba and is based on Psalm 40 verse 3 while track five, Sats gao oats (You are the Great King), the song is about keeping to His holly word and worship if one is forever to see His Kingdom. Track six, #Goms di /Geiba (Give me great faith) is about asking God to give us faith. Track seven, Sau tere (Save me) is pleading for the Lord’s saviour while on track eight Araeb and /Uiras sings I am looking up to the cross. On Track nine, Ada /Nam Gure, Araeb he is joined by his nephew, Bonny Araeb, and the last song Gare !Khuba (Praise the Lord ooh my soul) is about praising God’s wonders. Araeb is gifted and plays both guitar and keyboard, and writes and does instrumental for all the songs on the album. The gospel music veteran also composes songs for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia (ELCRN) choirs such as Soli Deo Gloria choir, Gangandara choir, Rogate choir and Lutheran Men’s choir.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-02 09:47:04 1 years ago

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