• April 23rd, 2019
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Gospel artists breaking barriers


Pinehas Nakaziko Rodney Seibeb is no new to the music industry. He is a popular contemporary recording singer, songwriter and live performer, who continues to break barriers when it comes to gospel music, while trying to keep it alive. His limelight in the industry was when he recorded a song titled Sadu /Nami (your love) some years ago, calling for unity among Namibians if they are to stand against tribulation. “With my music, I want everyone to recognise me as a true writer—a person who is married to his work. I like to think I’m the weird scientist in the basement,” says Rodney. He started singing at the age of 12 in a choir, and was later groomed by the owner of Welwitschia Music Production, Steven! Naruseb, strengthening his vocal ability to be a singer that he may be today. After singing IN church choirs for a time, Rodney got his first big break in 2016 when he recorded the song Jesus a //gaib di /on khoeb, produced by the award winning producer !Naruseb. He later released his first album, Sadu /Nami. The album quickly proved to be a hit, featuring one top gospel single, Sadu /Nami”. Just as quickly as his album shot to success, Rodney became known for his inspirational lyrics. He continues to create new music and perform live. He released his second album, Sadu /Nami in 2017. “The album have motivational songs but the core massage is driven by the crime rate and division of our mother to unite Namibians to stand together as one nation, because that’s what liberated our motherland,” says Rodney. End of this month Rodney will be returning to the stage again, performing live at the Cosdef Arts and Craft Centre in Swakopmund. The event is hosted under the topic ‘let’s dominate’. “The purpose of the event is to unite Namibia artists and fans to stand and stick together.” He says he is expecting fifty percent of Namibians to come experience the power of live music, with different genres on offer such as reggae, Ma /gaise, Gospel, Pop and Oviritje. He will be joined on stage by more than six artists, including Jericho and Phono.  Tickets are already on sale for N$ 100.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-09 11:19:15 1 years ago

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