• September 23rd, 2020

Governor mobilises resources to shelter San

Governor of Ohangwena region Walde Ndevashiya has mobilised resources to erect structures for 17 San families at Onakalunga in the Eenhana constituency.
Ndevashiya explained during a familiarisation visit, he was touched by the deplorable conditions to which the marginalised San people are subjected. He said the situation forced him to mobilise resources from, among others, business people to provide decent shelter to the poor community. 

The governor said Good Samaritans who responded to his call included the Tsumkwe Community Trust and Ombaye Fishing company, who agreed to build two-bedroom houses for every family.  “We have resolved to build a structure for each of the 17 families. The trust and Ombaye Fishing donated the construction materials, 250 bottles of sanitisers, 25litres of sanitiser and 150 masks to this San community settlement,” he said. 

The handover of the donated materials and launch of the project was done on Saturday, where the governor and the donors constructed the first house. 
He said they decided to give the construction tenders to the young energetic San males who will be paid to do the job. The governor further emphasised these people have been suffering for decades and their living standards need to be upgraded. 

“These people do not have clean water, ablution and facilities; therefore, we need to do something that these people will feel appreciated. We mostly use those people to cultivate our fields for clothes. Now let us recognise these people and help them with the little we have to provide shelter,” he explained. 
– ljason@nepc.com.na

Loide Jason
2020-08-03 09:03:03 | 1 months ago

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