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Governor urges leaders to put people first

2021-01-11  Nuusita Ashipala

Governor urges leaders to put people first

OSHAKATI – The governor of Oshana, Elia Irimari, has urged the political leadership in the region to serve all inhabitants irrespective of their political affiliation.

Irimari was speaking at an engagement meeting with the regional and local leadership that was elected to office in November last year.
Irimari implored the leadership to put the needs of the people first and always strive for unity.
“The nation is depending on us to deliver on our commitments and address the prevailing challenges of the housing backlog, youth unemployment and poverty,” said Irimari.

He said the leadership has an obligation to ensure there is no bureaucracy that delays development and prolonging economic activities that are essential for growth.

The governor also urged the leadership to hold technocrats accountable so that they can be proactive, accountable and transparent.
“Projects must be implemented on time and investors’ proposals should also be given urgent attention in order to create jobs and develop our region,” said the governor.

Irimari stressed that 2021 needs to be a year of intensified service delivery with emphasis on key priority sectors such as agriculture, health and education. He called on the region to adapt the President’s Hage Geingob declaration of 2021 being a year of resilience.
“Let us adopt this call by the President and be resilient in our efforts and commitment to accomplish our regional and developmental goals,” said Irimari.

He further called on the region to adopt to new ways of facilitating socio-economic development climates through setting responsive strategic governance policies that directly respond to the changing needs of the electorates.
Amongst those are the creation of conducive environment, establishment of creational, sports and fitness facilities, youth centres and the pressing student accommodation.

On Covid-19, the governor said the virus has derailed development and continue to threaten the peoples’ livelihood.
“The second wave of Covid-19 infection is on the rise and calls for us to be vigilant.  Our medical teams are doing an incredible job and therefore need our support and assistance to inform our people to adhere to health regulations without fail,” said the governor.
In addition to supporting health institution, he also called on the support of businesses.
“We need to do everything possible to support the local businesses to keep afloat and avoid job losses,” said Irimari.

2021-01-11  Nuusita Ashipala

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