• June 5th, 2020

Govt improved the lives of many – Katjavivi

WINDHOEK – Speaker of the National Assembly Professor Peter Katjavivi says despite Namibia experiencing economic challenges attributed to the global economic meltdown, the country has managed to uplift the lives of many of its inhabitants. 

He said that challenges such as high youth unemployment and the rising cost of living that are partly associated with this global phenomenon are further exacerbated by Namibia’s prolonged drought. But he noted that the government has remained steadfast in its quest to get the country out of this quagmire. He was speaking at a Swapo campaign rally in Windhoek West constituency ahead of the elections slated for 27 November. Katjavivi is the chairperson of Swapo leaders assigned to the Khomas region.
Among the notable examples of achievements mentioned by Katjavivi were improved housing provision and benefits. 

“Families living in modern structures increased from a base of 41 percent in 2013 to 45.2 percent in 2017. There has been construction of 12 000 housing units across the country that took place between 2014 and the first quarter of 2019. The provisions of the Pension Fund Act were amended to allow for financing of housing for members. There has been upgrading of informal settlements and acceleration of servicing of land,” said Katjavivi.

He further noted that the government has also continued to prioritise education, singling out accommodation and transportation needs for students as some of the major concerns the government was looking forward to address. 

“There are future commitments of increases of funding for the education sector in general with NSFAF in particular continuing to receive priority funding in future. We shall ensure that tertiary institutions continue to pay serious attention to student transport and accommodation, including the culture of promoting private investment in student hostels. Student safety is also a very important aspect that shall enjoy our attention,” promised Katjavivi.

According to the Speaker, the country’s infrastructural development has also gone into overdrive as Namibia gravitates towards becoming the preferred regional destination for potential investors.  He also said the country’s road and port infrastructures are unmatched. “Our road infrastructure is rated among the best in Africa. That is the achievement of the Swapo Party government.” “Over the last five years we have completed over 1 350 km of bitumen standard roads and 800 km of gravel roads. In addition, we recently expanded the Walvis Bay harbour to the level of a Southern Africa regional and international logistics hub,” added Katjavivi.

According to Katjavivi, one of the notable hallmarks of the Swapo government is consultation with the electorate, which he says has enabled the government to directly connect with the masses as it seeks solutions to social challenges. 

“As a governing party, we have continued to consult our people throughout the country so as to apply mitigating measures that we feel are appropriate enough to answer to the prevailing challenges. Our manifesto provides real opportunities and thereby offers real hope for the people of Namibia. I would therefore like to urge you all that come 27 November, vote for Swapo. The Swapo legacy should and must continue,” said Katjavivi.

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