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Govt to upgrade northern water system

2020-12-11  Obrien Simasiku

Govt to upgrade northern water system
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OMUTHIYA – The head of rural water supply and sanitation in the Oshikoto, Stevenson Tuukondjele, says the eastern part of the region that is adversely affected by a shortage of water will soon benefit from a multi-million northern overhaul
water system.

He said the project will upgrade the water system from Calueque until the Oshakati pump station and then continue
to service and extent piped water system further into the northern regions.

Tuukondjele added the eastern part of Oshikoto, Ohangwena and western part of Omusati and dry areas in
Oshana will greatly benefit. “Government has already secured enough funds for this project, which forms part of
many projects that were put on hold few years ago due to economic downturn. Therefore, the whole water system will be
upgraded that includes the canal, replacement of ageing pipes, as well as expansion of Oshakati pump station,”
explained Tuukondjele. “Four years ago, the budget estimation stood at N$54 million; however, due to inflation, this amount will increase significantly.

Government is busy this year with the administration, while the actual work is likely to begin early mid 2021.”
Oshikoto water woes The eastern part of Oshikoto, which includes areas in Okankolo, Eengodhi, Nehale Lya Mpingana constituencies, is hard hit with water shortage. 

The envisaged system overhaul will thus come as a relief to hundreds of residents who trek about 10km to access water
mostly from traditional wells. According to Tuukondjele, the project will see the extension of the water pipeline and drilling of more boreholes further into the rural areas. He said this will be a continuation from the completed phase 1-4
Ondangwa-Omutswegonime rural water pipeline project.

“So, where the lines ended is where the other pipes will connect and extend further. We have also engaged with
NamWater to see the possibility of installing booster pump stations along the lines, because some areas don’t get
water because of distance that lessens the pressure, thereby taking days to reach the end users,” he said. “So, we will
ask councillors to identify areas where we can place the booster pumps so that we iron it out with NamWater. We
already had until 24 November to submit all areas without water as instructed by the line minister. So, we are headed in
the right direction.”

2020-12-11  Obrien Simasiku

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