• July 16th, 2020

Gowaseb targets glory at Outeniqua Challenge

Maurice Kambukwe

One of Namibia’s most promising Paralympics wheelchair cyclists, Roodley Gowaseb, who is set to compete in the Outeniqua Wheelchair Challenge in South Africa on the 23th of this month, says his target at the coming competition is to qualify for the Virgin London Marathon Games slated for later this year in the UK.

According to Outeniqua official website, the competition is a wheelchair race exclusively for disabled athletes. And every year it is getting bigger and better as the number of entries has increased dramatically, with athletes and other persons in wheelchairs flocking to this annual event.

The Namibian Paralympic cyclist is expected to compete in the 42km race at the ever growing competition.
Speaking to New Era Sport this week about his preparations, the passionate Paralympian told this publication that preparations are going well.

“The preparations are progressing well, it’s just that whenever you go train on the road it’s a bit risky as cars can easily bump you or distract your preparations,” said Gowaseb.
The para-athlete is set make his third appearance at this competition and maintains he is ready to go out and conquer. 

“My goal is to do the 42km in an hour and a half and hopefully qualify for the London marathon which is set to take place this year. That’s my target at this competition,” added Gowaseb.

The wheelchair cyclist also asked good Samaritans willing to assist with buying bicycle rollers, which are a type of bicycle trainer that makex it possible to ride a bicycle indoors without any actual movement. However, unlike other types of bicycle trainers, rollers do not attach to the bicycle frame, and the rider must balance him or herself on the rollers while training.

The cyclists also thanked MVA Fund for assisting him with a new chair that he will use at this competition, saying it’s a relief that the new wheelchair will help simplify his job as its more advance and flexible for him to do all he wants on it.

“I want to thank the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) who sponsored me with a brand new wheelchair to use at the competition. The wheelchair is very light, it propels my performance as it is not that heavy. The chair that I currently use is standard chair and it’s a bit heavy, so to receive a new improved one is just awesome,” he said.  –mkambukwe@nepc.com.na

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