• September 19th, 2020

Grieving family can’t afford to bury loved one

TSUMEB – The family of the late Beauty Veronica Narigus say they are too poor to hold a dignified burial for the 25-year-old, who was murdered at Tsumeb’s Kuvukiland last week. 

It is alleged the victim was raped before being murdered. It is suspected she was stoned to death, according to the police report. 
Suspect Johannes Seun Butros (25) was arrested and he appeared in the Tsumeb Magistrates’ Court last week but was denied bail. 
The family held a peaceful demonstration to the magistrate’s court last week Thursday to oppose the granting of bail.  “We had a funeral of the deceased’s uncle last month. We are still in debt over that – and now that there is this issue, we really do not know where to find money and solve this. We are in debt and can’t even afford a coffin,” said family elder Lydia Ganses. 
“As it stands now, we can’t say we are making any arrangement; the only progress we are making is in thoughts and nothing tangible. Things are dormant.” 
The family plans to hold a funeral this coming Saturday in Tsintsabis. 

A brother of the victim Markus Narigub said the family has lost their sole breadwinner and it will be difficult going forward, something he said can be felt already during the mourning process, as the family struggles to put food on the table. 
“She was a hard worker whom we relied upon, even though she had no formal employment. But we definitely knew that the moment she comes back home, there is something to eat; she would never come empty-handed. This void will take longer to be filled; Narigus was indeed a pillar of strength of this family,” said a weeping Narigub.

On the other hand, the family is asking the law to take its course and wish for a maximum possible sentence, saying they do not even want the suspect to be granted bail. 
“He should remain in custody; we will not be safe if he is to be granted bail, as he has already proved to be danger to the public. “I am heartbroken, but I am glad the suspect has been apprehended and our faith is now in the justice system. We are not prepared to forgive him at this point in time; he robbed us of a precious life,” said victim’s father Nicolas Narigub. 

Meanwhile, the victim’s sister Natasha Narubes narrated she attempted to rescue the victim. According to Narubes, prior to her sister’s murder, she was involved in an altercation with the suspect but that was resolved, as she was taken home. 
“I brought her home, then she changed her clothes and put on sleepwear, but shortly after that, she left the house again. I tried to warn her and asked to stay home, as the suspect was just next-door, but she never listened and went ahead. I observed by the gate, where the deceased and suspect later shared a cigarette and things seemed well,” Narubes narrated. 
“While they were busy smoking, a car came by in the street and Narigus had a brief chat with the driver. Next thing I saw, she jumped in the car, but as the vehicle reversed, I saw the suspect also climb behind the pick-up. From there, I went back inside to sleep. I only woke up to the sad news in the morning when neighbours came through to say my sister was found dead; it really hurts, and I don’t know how to comprehend this.”
– osimasiku@nepc.com.na 

Obrien Simasiku
2020-08-17 09:52:45 | 1 months ago


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