• July 20th, 2019
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Guard accused of theft of N$500,000 now in hospital

Crime and Courts
Crime and Courts

Maria Amakali Windhoek - Jonas Simon Mbangu, a security guard arrested for the alleged theft of over N$500,000 in August, could not make a routine court appearance as scheduled on Thursday. According to state prosecutor Rowan van Wyk, Mbangu has been hospitalized and thus could not make it to court. “The accused is in custody. However, the investigative officer informed me this morning that the accused was admitted to hospital,” explained Van Wyk. Mbangu, 41, a guard at a local security firm, was arrested in Otjiwarongo on August 15 for the theft of N$556,134. 75. Mbangu now faces a charge of theft and has been in custody ever since his arrest. According to police reports, the day before his arrest Mbangu collected money from various shops in the vicinity of Otjiwarongo for banking. However, Mbangu failed to deliver the money and instead opted to flee with the cash. Mbangu’s employer became suspicious when Mbangu was a no-show. He then alerted the police who set up roadblocks in search of Mbangu. Mbangu had abandoned the company car in Windhoek North and fled with the money in a sedan headed allegedly to the northern parts of the country. Upon his arrest he was found in possession of N$556,134. 75 in cash that was sealed in three plastic bags. Mbangu had only used N$400 of the money he attempted to steal. Mbangu was denied bail during his first appearance on grounds there is fear he might tamper with the ongoing police investigations. Furthermore, not all of the money has been recovered. With Mbangu’s hospitalization, the magistrate Vanessa Stanley postponed the matter to December 15 for Mbangu to be present for court proceedings.
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2017-12-08 09:32:30 1 years ago

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