• June 18th, 2019
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Guinas lags behind in development

n Obrein Simasiku OMUTHIYA - The councillor of Guinas Constituency in Oshikoto Region, Betty Kaula is grossly dissatisfied that her constituency is being regarded as a stepchild when it comes to development projects. Kaula said on numerous occasions she engaged the regional council and the line ministry for project proposals and consideration but nothing has been done to date. Kaula made these remarks when approached for comments, whether the State of the Region Address delivered on Tuesday, reflected on the real issues affecting development and the progress made in the region so far; she however, agreed with most of the issues presented. “I know and understand the region is vast hence not all of us can be catered for at once in terms of benefiting on capital projects. But, I feel that my constituency is being left out. I analysed the SORA and it clearly indicates that only two projects of which one was for micro financing and de-bushing, unlike other constituencies who are consistent beneficiaries, why is it like that?” questioned a concerned Kaula. She cited the water and sanitation survey conducted last year in the region, but her constituency was not part of it. Guinas is one for constituencies in the region which have water scarcity of which in main places is saline, thus not fit for human consumption. Guinas Constituency is inhabited by commercial farmers and marginalised communities. “This is the reason why we are advocating the Constituency Development Committees (CDC), so that each constituency can have its own budget for their specific problems. Because the way it is now, problems or socials ills differ as per constituency hence what is regarded, as a priority for the others is not what is affecting my people. CDCs should be implemented soonest for smooth service delivery,” stressed Kaula, who operates from a settlement office at Oshivelo, which falls under Nehale Lya Mpingana. The councillor also said, the none existence of an office hampers the operations of her duties. “I am running my affairs in someone’s home, far from my people. We urgently need our own office, as it stands now, I am helping someone else instead of the intended communities I am mandated to,” fumed Kaula. Furthermore, she said Guinas office had a budget of N$10 million in 2015, but it was put on hold as they had to prioritise the office for Nehale Lya Mpingana situated at Omboto. “Now that Nehale office is complete, ours should be next, although I do not know when because it is not even on the council’s budget for 2018/19 financial year,” she stated. Councillor for Tsumeb Constituency, Lebbeus Tobias, said he was satisfied with the pace of development in the region-taking cognisance of the economy. “The SORA covered everything in details, and it shows how far we have gone with the little we have. Not all areas can be covered at once, but we are determined to serve our people with the means at our disposal,” he added.
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2018-05-31 09:22:32 1 years ago

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