• May 27th, 2019
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GWM's Haval H9 ready to upset the status quo

The Haval H9, available locally from Pupkewitz GWM, is China’s response to a diverse and established sports utility vehicle (SUV) market that includes the like of Toyota’s Prado and Mitsubishi’s Pajero. Already a more frequent sight on Namibia’s roads, the Haval SUV’s are a luxury brand under the Great Wall Motors (GWM) stable, very much in the same fashion as Lexus is the luxury brand of Toyota. 

According to newly appointed Sales Manager at Pupkewitz GWM, Patrick Haccou, the Haval H9 entry level starts at N$580 000 while the top of the range will set you back a mere N$599 000. “Haval is direct competition for well-known SUV brands in the local market and with its array of safety and luxury features it is sure to upset the market for sports utility vehicles at a fraction of the price,” said Haccou. 

The Haval H9 offers drivers the most appropriate real-time road modes from six options (AUTO, 4L, Sport, Sand, Snow, and Mud Road) via the multi-functional display knob on the secondary instrument panel so that the system can automatically control the driving and braking force to achieve the best performances.

The impressive engine, transmission, suspension, and body are installed on high rigidity beams and the frame is connected with wheels by front and rear suspensions so that the road impact is carried by the frame, which provides good stability and comfort and ensures the excellent safety and off-road performance while guaranteeing the stable body shape.
The H9’s multi-link non-independent rear suspension, provides through multi-link design, the controls in multiple directions, greatly reduces the forward and backward forces from the road, ensures a more reliable traveling path of wheels, and effectively improves the smoothness and comfort during acceleration and braking.

In addition, a double-wishbone independent front suspension, with a classic structure of strong off-road SUV, has two wishbones that absorb motion transverse forces at the same time for the body to only support the body weight. Therefore, transverse rigidity is high enough to ensure the tyre contacts ground closely, and the body is stable under various road conditions. Both upper and lower wishbones, with unequal length, can change camber angle when wheels are moving up and down to reduce tread variation and tyre wear and also guarantees comfortable driving and seating.

Furthermore, an eight-inch TFT colour LCD touchscreen, intelligent multifunctional navigation system, diversified peripheral choice, rear row large-size double-screen entertainment system, and high-fidelity surrounding sound system meet the entertainment needs of both the driver and passengers.

Also, the vehicle is equipped with front row seat dual airbags, front row seat side airbags, and longitudinal throughout curtain airbags to achieve a more extensive protection area and, in event of collision, effectively protect the safety of interior passengers.

The H9 also offers amazing features such as ESP (Electronic Stability Program) that ensures the vehicle runs safely running on the correct track thereby preventing vehicle skidding and improving running stability and safety.
The HDC (Hill Descent Control controls ABS braking speed, intelligent control of hill descend speed to achieve stable descending and easy driving and the HAC (Hill-start Assist Control) is a four-wheel monitoring of start brake force that enables the body to hold braking for two seconds to avoid sliding to easily handle hill start conditions.

The Haval H9 also features self-cleaning xenon headlamps + LED daytime running lamps. The vehicle’s headlamp can sense light sources intelligently and switch on and off automatically to clean at any time. 

The low-front and high-rear waist lines run through the sides of vehicle to improve the visual length and promote the sporting feeling of Haval H9. Also, the chrome plating design improves the luxury quality sense and the family-style front design emerges a high-end mighty off-road vigour while the horizontal lateral trim bars enhance the lateral expansion of the vehicle.

The H9’s large and luxurious interior space builds a humanized and comfortable driving and riding experience. The flexible 7-seat design enables planning the riding space freely in order to meet various space utilisation demands of driver and passengers under different conditions.

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