• September 24th, 2020

Haingura is the oldest GIPF pensioner

Special Focus
Special Focus

At the age of 103 years Warombora Urias Haingura is the oldest GIPF pensioner. He has been on retirement since December 1988 and now lives on the eastern outskirts of Rundu in a village called Kaisosi, which was recently formalised as a settlement within the Rundu town boundaries. Haingura, who lives with his wife, has four children and has lost five children over the years. He also has several grandchildren and great-grandchildren who live with their parents. Haingura worked in the previous government’s Water Supply Department from 1961 to December 1988. “I worked at the Department of Water where we installed and did maintenance of boreholes in Kavango. It all happened before independence,” said Haingura. When asked about life as a pensioner, he said: “Life as a pensioner is difficult, as you become vulnerable. Life is becoming more expensive on a daily basis. I used to own cattle but they have all been stolen; now I have nothing and my children are also unemployed,” he said. “In addition to my GIPF monthly pension, I depend on the government old-age grant as well as cultivating my crop fields for survival.” When contacted for comment, GIPF’s Manager for Corporate Communication, Daylight Namene, said: “The Fund is overwhelmed to have Mr Haingura as its oldest pensioner at the age of 103 years. GIPF considers pensioners as valuable stakeholders because they are the members who have made a significant contribution towards the growth of the Fund.” “In line with the Fund’s strategy to protect pensioners’ income against the effects of inflation, GIPF prides itself for having granted pension increases over the past 13 years averaging between 6.5-11%.” “I wish to re-assure our members that the Fund takes their well-being very seriously and will always strive to optimize pension benefits on a sustainable basis. I further urge those taking care of our pensioners to assist in making their retirement lives a worthwhile experience. On behalf of the Fund and all its members, we wish Mr Haingura good health and a continued happy retirement,” said Namene. GIPF currently has about 57 400 annuitants and spends over N$1.6 billion in benefits payment on an annual basis. GIPF-2
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