• February 26th, 2020

Hangala Bonsmaras donates bull to government 

WINDHOEK - Hangala Foods, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hangala Group, managing Ombanje Farm situated between Otavi and Tsumeb has donated a Bonsmara bull to the government. 
Ombanje Farm is a registered Bonsmara breeder trading under Hangala Bonsmaras, which has been operating since March 2010. 

“The Bonsmaras’ exceptional adaptability abilities and tolerance to drought and heat have enabled the animals to perform well in Namibia’s harsh climatic conditions. The Bonsmara’s calm temperament complemented by its ability to produce outstanding offspring when crossed with other cattle, makes it easy to farm,” stated Andre Mouton, managing director of Hangala Foods when he handed over the bull to the government. 

He added that they chose the Bonsmara cattle because of the breed’s outstanding genetic traits, hardiness, longevity, fertility and carcass characteristics. According to Mouton, their success in breeding the stems from the fact that they have been religiously adhering to the scientifically established standards of production and appearance as prescribed by the Bonsmara Society.  This includes compulsory performance testing, application of sustainable breeding policies and procedures as well as continual training of our staff.  Furthermore, their capacity to produce top quality Bonsmara bulls and heifers is due to the fact that Hangala Bonsmaras has consistently sought to acquire stud bulls from top breeders in the country and elsewhere. 

Mouton said that has seen Hangala Bonsmaras grow into a respected breeder in the Namibian Bonsmara circles. 
The government has identified the importance of agriculture in the economy, particularly the quality of cattle produced by the country for local and international beef consumption. Thus, it has tirelessly been inviting the private sector to join it in contributing to economic development of the country. In that regard and, as part of its corporate social responsibility, the firm has donated the bull to the Namibian community through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. 

Hangala Bonsmaras has found it appropriate to donate the said bull on the occasion of the Bonsmara Information Day that the Namibian Bonsmara Society held on September 22 at Ombanje Farm. 

“Hangala Bonsmaras would like to make its humble contribution to the government’s efforts for more sustainable farming activities that will enhance the country’s improved food security. We hope and believe that this bull that is being donated today is going to perform well and will thus contribute to the uplifting of the quality of the herds of cattle of the receiving community. While Hangala Bonsmaras is taking this opportunity to congratulate the selected community, it would also like to appeal to the recipient community to look after the bull well so as to ensure that the bull continues to perform well,” says Mouton.

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