• November 18th, 2018
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HANO ploughs back into community

Staff Reporter Windhoek-In line with its mission of reflecting on the true lifestyle of the Namibian youth and their economic wellbeing as well as the challenges they are facing, and strive at rectifying such in order to empower especially the youth, the Hano Youth Foundation is this Friday engaging in a community charity event. This entails painting a house of an elderly in the town of Okakarara, and donating materials for children with disabilities and patients with HIV at Okakarara State Hospital. HANO would highly appreciate any donations in this regard and welcomes the public to witness this event. Among the dignitaries expected to attend are Okakarara Constituency Councillor Vetaruhe Kandorozu, Okakarara Mayor Olga Tjiurutue Katukundu; Deputy Minister in the Office of the Vice President Alexia Manombe Ncube and Otjozondjupa Governor Otto Ipinge. Among the achievements of HANO for 2017 are: 200 mattresses donated to Okondjatu Combined School in the Okakarara Constituency. 100 beds, 100 mattresses donated to Okandjira Combined School in the Omatako Constituency. Stationery for OVCs donated to Otjomuise Project School. A house constructed for the needy. Branches opened in other African countries of Botswana Hano Youth Foundation. Branches opened in other continents like in Canada. HANO awarded with a grant from UNDP-Small Grant fund (Otjituuo HANO - Garden Project) HANO awarded with a grant from American Embassy self-help project (Ondjuhua Garden Project). HANO has achieved momentous recognition in the past five years, from well-vested organisations within the country and has expanded networking outside the African borders as far as Australia, The Netherlands, and Sweden are concerned. Through this networking the HANO Youth Foundation managed to secure support for programmes aimed at developing the youth and help steer them towards a successful future.
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2017-12-06 09:42:47 11 months ago

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