• September 22nd, 2020

Haufiku hails harmony among boxing promoters

Maurice Kambukwe

Chairperson of the Namibia Professional Boxing and Wrestling Control Board (NPBWCB) Dr Bernard Haufiku has hailed the new found unity amongst local boxing promoters, especially the collaboration they displayed during this difficult times when the sport is plagued by Covid-19.  
Local boxing, just like all sport codes worldwide has been heavily affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, which brought sports globally to a complete halt.

Unlike in the past where local promoters worked in isolation without much collaboration when it comes to developmental activities, Haufiku is convinced that local promoters are now working together more than ever before and their teamwork is there for all to see.
In a recent extensive interview with New Era Sport, Haufiku highlighted how three boxing stables came together to address the plight of Namibian fighters who were hit hard by the coronavirus, donating food parcels and other vital necessities to the needy boxers. The three stables are the MTC-sponsored Nestor Sunshine Boxing & Fitness Academy, the Salute Boxing Academy and the northern-based Kilimanjaro Boxing Academy. All three academies are bankrolled by MTC and recently partnered their sponsorship to make the donation a reality.

“I was even more impressed by the solidarity demonstrated by various promoters, especially those three under the MTC sponsorship. They donated food and other essential items to their boxers and to the communities in which they live and from which they draw their boxers. This is commendable and a true spirit of solidarity in Namibian boxing. This is the spirit of true warriors, that you get among boxers and their mentors. No doubt, that boxing in Namibia shall not be intimidated by a viral outbreak or anything for that matter. We shall march ahead with our plans and activities as soon as the situation permits us. We think we can give Covid-19 just one more left hook and an uppercut to knock it out of Namibia so that we continue with our business of boxing,” said an optimistic Haufiku.

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2020-06-11 09:28:29 | 3 months ago

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