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Heaven descends on Namibia through Hope Concert

2021-09-06  Paheja Siririka

Heaven descends on Namibia through Hope Concert

It was a day of worship like no other when beautiful voices combined in songs to give hope and restore faith in these tough and trying times brought upon by the novel coronavirus.

The MTC 081Every1 Hope Concert staged on Saturday  also proved that it does not matter what one is going through, music has the power of calming the mind and soul.

The show hosted at Safari Hotel in the capital was well received by those in attendance. Due to the limited number of attendees, social media was abuzz with virtual worshippers, praying and praising along with over 4 000 viewers. Songs such as ‘Omalka’, ‘Mwene Yambeka’, and the famous ‘Muhona Matukutanga’ were also delivered by the amazing vocals of music producer and director Ponti Dikuua, and the Collective Singers choir.

“Just when people think it’s over, God keeps on doing great things. Sometimes, you are not aware of what God is doing behind the scenes – and you just want to see God doing something but I want you to know God works things in seclusion and presents them in public,” stated Benjamin Dube.

The celebrated South African artist is a chart-topping, award-winning minister, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and music producer from South Africa.

Dube is seen and regarded as South Africa’s most significant recording musician in religious music.

“I am glad I am here, in Namibia. This is a beautiful country… God loves you,” shared Dube.

His performance was so electrifying that some of those in attendance got onto their knees in prayer, while others held their hands high in praise.

Different gospel tunes were delivered – from slow gospel to Afrikaans gospel. Other stunning performances and quite a different way of worshipping was the fusion of hip-hop and gospel by the duo Franklin and Dee A.

“All the musicians brought their A-game and uplifted the spirit and morale of Namibians,” MTC’s Erasmus Nekundi told VIBEZ!

“We reiterate that this concert came at the right time. It was to show that through trials and tribulations, better days await us. It was a reminder to not be discouraged; there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud.” 

He added that they would have loved to host this event outdoors and fill the venue, but the current Covid-19 regulations did not allow it.

“We are thankful to all the participants, and the nation at large. When you are tracking comments on Facebook, you can tell many were on board, and we appreciate that.”

2021-09-06  Paheja Siririka

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