• July 23rd, 2019
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Henties Bay awards teen heroes

Eveline de Klerk Swakopmund-Three teenagers from Henties Bay were honoured in an emotional ceremony of gratitude yesterday morning for their heroics that resulted in the rescue of four other boys who nearly drowned last week at the beach. They received N$10,000 as well as certificates of appreciation.  The money will be shared between the rescuers and the family of 10-year-old Lee-Wayne Delwin Nanub who could not be saved during the drowning drama. Although media reported that only one boy, 15-year-old Phala !Goaseb rescued all four boys, it turned out that two others, Dylon !Goaseb (14) and Herman Gamibeb(15), were all  part of the life-saving  drama that unfolded at the coastal town of Henties Bay last week. The brave teenagers, without fear for their own lives, appeared like angels at the beach just in time to hear the distress cries for help from the five boys that went swimming just after lunch. Retelling the drama yesterday to New Era, Phala said that he visited the beach for a swim when he heard the boys screaming for assistance and he told his friend Dylon that they should assist the boys. The two between themselves rescued two boys who happened to be twins while Phala himself rescued the third boy. “The water was very strong but we couldn’t stand by and watch them as they drowned, Phala said during an interview with New Era. According to Gamibeb he was on his way to Pep Store with his brothers when they decided to make a turn at the beach. “Just as we arrive we heard the boys screaming and I then saw Phala running towards the water. I managed to pull out one of the boys and ran to the rescue service to come and help as we could not see Lee-Wayne Delwin Nanub,” he explained. Asked whether they were scared, the boys said that they did not think about themselves at that instant and just wanted to assist the boys that were in trouble. “I am glad and sad at the same time because we could save them but also sad that we could not saved Nanub,” Gamibeb said. The mayor of Henties Bay Herman !Honeb yesterday also applauded the teenagers for their selfless heroic deed. He awarded them with certificates of appreciation as well as N$ 10,000, which will be shared among them and the family of Nanub. “We can only be grateful as such acts are rare and was carried out by them despite limited skills and assistance,” Honeb said.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-12 09:42:35 1 years ago

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