• September 28th, 2020

Here is why some celebrities exercise and go to the gym

 Paheja Siririka and Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK - October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day, a day for worldwide mental health edification, consciousness and activism against social stigma.

Entertainment Now! caught up with some familiar faces and asked why they go to the gym and how their exercise and body states contribute to mental health.

Tanyaradzwa Daringo
I initially joined the gym and got a personal trainer because I wanted to lose some weight for a new television program I was asked to do. That decision soon became all I wanted to do. I was amazed at how my body was reacting internally because the external wasn’t showing yet and I just kept going. Fitness has honestly changed my life! Not only physically but also mentally I am stronger. I have also noticed I am a better person to others. I am kinder, less grumpy and more optimistic about the endless possibilities of our bodies. 

Edo Lutete (Dice Stunner Man)
The reason why I started in the first place was that I was underweight and wanted to add some on the scale. Now that I’m hot, I just try to maintain that without overdoing it. That helps me start on a high note not feeling fatigued or tired.

Kamaaizemi Hoveka (KP Illest)
The reason for my gyming routine is for self-care and keeping healthy. I go to the gym at least five times a week and that makes me mentally healthy. If I look good, I feel good and if I feel good I get good results on everything I’m doing.

Maria Nepembe
The gym is my second home. It helps me drastically, especially with my mental health, because in the gym, you learn how to work with your emotions or ignore certain emotions, especially the emotions of giving up. In the gym, one creates a strong personality that nothing can ever get you down. No matter how hard it gets, you keep moving forward. To everyone that is on their fitness journey, keep moving and always look in the mirror that should be your motivation.

Matthew Ipinge (The Dogfather)
I try to go to the gym as often as I can. I love the tranquillity that comes with that, as it enables me to clear my mind. What I like about it is the physical aspect of being fit. I get to clear my mind through physical activities. I am not that much of a talker, I don’t like expressing myself. The gym or hiking places are places to be by yourself. 

I also got into fitness because of my dogs. Instead of the conventional way of taking them for a walk, we get to do all of these activities so at the end of the day; it’s all about burning energy and getting fit through the process.

Mavis Braga Elias
The reason for pursuing fitness is I wanted to improve my mental health, which was severely affected by my insecurities due to weight gain and to better my physique. I was tired of always being tired and feeling heavy. I started my fitness journey when my weight started to influence my self-esteem. I was having a conversation with a friend of mine Caarina, and she said to me - you’re always complaining and never doing anything to change what you’re unhappy with. From that point forward, I got up and decided to take the power back into my hands. 

Lucas Nambala (DJ Nambalakats)
The gym always contributes fitness to my body. There is a lot of reduction of risks associated with sickness when one is active with their body.

The reason why I embarked on this journey was purely motivated by my kapunda (stomach), I badly wanted to lose it, it has to go and it’s work-in-progress.

While on a mission to lose my kapunda, it got to me that mental health was also in check and that has helped in how I approach situations, to filter unnecessary or productive content. Comparing now to past times, I am a quick thinker, and always have fresh ideas, which help me a lot in my daily work as a radio presenter. My mental state has drastically improved ever since I started going to the gym.

Uejaa Kazondunge
After having a very long exhausting day at work with some of the roles that we have been entrusted with, exercising part serves as a therapy for my mental wellbeing ‑ it clears up my mind. I have discovered that your body can do anything; it’s your mind that you have to convince. I have never been a marathon runner but come next year, I will be ready.

I decided to venture into fitness not so long ago, as I had issues with my body but most importantly my health. I was out of breath when walking up the stairs and so forth. Thanks to Rudy Louw and my sister I eventually joined a boot camp. It has been an incredible journey. I would encourage everybody to just show up and start with exercise.

Castro Nainda (DJ Castro)
Being in the gym for me is a lifestyle, not something I will ever quit because it contributes to my health mentally and physically. I’m always on the road, so I have to make an effort with my fitness I try my best to be in the gym every time I’m in Otjiwarongo. I usually play indoor soccer after the gym session. We have a team in Otjiwarongo. It keeps me very fit and also helps me to keep up with my stage performance. The type of performance I do requires a lot of fitness and I try to be consistent with my routines. 


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