• April 25th, 2019
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High failure attributed to lack of commitment

Obrein Simasiku Omuthiya-The lack of commitment among some learners has proved to be one of the contributing factors leading to many failing their Grade 10 and Grade 12 examinations. New Era spoke to some learners who failed to make it to the next grade and higher learning institutions, and both attributed this to the absence of dedication. Namibian College of Open Learning (Namcol) has presented an opportunity to about 250 vulnerable and needy learners to make a change in their lives by awarding bursaries worth N$300,000 countrywide. Of these, 23 aspiring learners in Oshikoto Region received a bursary of N$24,000. Having learned from her past experiences, Aili Kazimo Shimboyo from Onyaanya who obtained 24 points in Grade 12 in 2014, said wrong friends were at the helm of her failure. “I have learned from my mistakes, studying hard and getting a good mentor will be my focus,” said Shimboyo, while expressing her gratitude for the second chance. Selma Kaulihongwa, a beneficiary from Nehale Lya Mpingana Constituency, said: “I am honoured for receiving this bursary, it has presented an opportunity for me to correct my past mistakes.” Kaulihongwa failed Grade 10 in 2015, when she obtained 20 points, and for the past years she was unable to upgrade as she had no funds. “As a college we remain committed to the provision of learning opportunities for adults and out-of-school youth, hence one of Namcol’s key strategic objectives is provision of equitable access to education. This means all Namibians need same access to opportunities. It is a known fact that society is and will never be equal as some are faced by various social and economic challenges,” said the director of Namcol, Dr Heroldt Murangi, in a speech read on his behalf. Furthermore, the governor of Oshikoto Region, Henock Kankoshi, advised the learners not to waiver in their quest to learn and develop themselves academically. “We are never too young or too old to develop ourselves academically. I am therefore pleased to see young adults are afforded an opportunity to forge further in the quest to complete their junior and senior secondary certificates. Note that, as a nation we are bound to lose our focus if we do not strategically and continuously build our human resource base as a means of facilitating development as a country,” added Kankoshi. Meanwhile, the director of education, Lameck Kafidi, reminded learners that a bursary is a chance for them to excel in life. “This chance is too slippery, once it is gone, it is gone for good and it is no longer about choices, therefore study like there is no tomorrow.” The chief regional officer, Frans Enkali, pledged to buy four solar lamps for those residing in the remote rural areas.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-19 09:29:17 1 years ago

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