• April 19th, 2019
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Hotel donates N$5 000 towards repair of Dias bridge


Tuulikki Abraham LÜDERITZ - Nest Hotel in Lüderitz has donated five per cent from the proceeds generated through all wine sales towards the planned construction of Dias Bridge at the coastal town. During the handing over of a cheque during the 20th anniversary of Lüderitz Nest Hotel on April 24, Lüderitz Nest Hotel Manager Ulf Grunewald stated that Nest Hotel donated N$5 000 towards the construction of Lüderitz monumental Dias Bridge. The donation was received by the Vice-chairman of the Dias Bridge Committee Crispin Clay, at the Old Dias Point wooden bridge near Lüderitz that had collapsed in a storm towards the end of 2015, which now needs to be repaired to ensure the safety of residents and visitors. “The Dias Bridge Committee wishes to record its gratitude to the generous people in Lüderitz, to tourist outlets with collection cans, and especially the splendid staff at the Lüderitz Nest Hotel who also promote house wine with a percentage of the price donated to our fundraising campaign,” Clay stated. He stated that with the donation made so far they are able to order and pay for new railings from Namgreenwood in Walvis Bay, as Salz-Gossow has agreed to transport the railings free to Lüderitz when the railings are ready by next month. “We are awaiting for the final architect’s drawings and quantities from the National Heritage Council based on our sketches and estimates, before getting quotes from local contractors to repair the steps and fit the new railings up to the Dias Cross. We still have to raise more funds for that specific contract,” explained Clay. He further indicated the bridge itself has been delayed until the steps and railings are repaired. That is when they will decide whether it will be a pathway or a bridge that will be construct across the tidal river. “We call on other tourism operations to contribute to this project, being of future economic benefit to them and to our town,” Clay said. He also appealed to other potential donations to make financial contributions to the account opened for this purpose under the name Dias Bridge (6000158753, at Standard Bank).
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2018-05-17 09:38:40 11 months ago

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