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House of Poulton presents ‘Rainbow’…designer hints at spreading her wings to SA

2021-05-17  Paheja Siririka

House of Poulton presents ‘Rainbow’…designer hints at spreading her wings to SA
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Fashion designer Melisa Poulton’s ‘Rainbow Collection’ showcased on Saturday certainly lived up to its name, as the 20 stunning pieces portray happiness and bring colour to life.

The collection continued Poulton’s signature style of elaborate ruffles and frills in pink, blue, yellow, red, peach, purple, orange, green in tulle, organza and satin fabrics. 

“My designs are based on drama, ready to wear and suitable for everyday life. It is about happiness hence the rainbow colours,” the House of Poulton designer told VIBEZ! on the sidelines of her fashion show staged at the Valley of Angels in the Brakwater area, some 20 kilometres north of Windhoek.  

Poulton, who has dressed Namibia Annual Music Awards presenters for five consecutive years, said the local fashion industry and specifically designers are contributing greatly to the craft as it has been showing tremendous growth within the past ten years.

“We have a long way to go but the support is immense and we will get there eventually,” said Poulton, who has showcased at about ten events including every Windhoek Fashion Week (WFW) since its inception five years ago.

Models make the outfit, and Poulton made sure to include models who are not necessarily used at big fashion shows. 

“The garments are for everyone, the short, plus size, tall and many more,” she explained.

Of the 20 models, 11 of them have never walked on the runway before Saturday. 

First time model, Priscilla Akukothela said: “I love how she included many body types and textures, in terms of designs and fabrics, and as a first-time model, I had a lot of fun.”

Meanwhile, Poulton told VIBEZ! it is time for her to spread out.

“This is kind of my last show, then I would want to take it further. I want to showcase in South Africa,” she noted. 

Fashion enthusiast Disney Andreas, who made a debut at WFW last year, said Poulton’s work is commendable, because she has accepted what Namibia’s culture is and she tries to incorporate that into her craft. 

“She constantly reminds us of how beautiful we are and represents that through her ruffles, colours, and I am inspired by her work,” said Andreas, who couldn’t contain her excitement about the collection.

2021-05-17  Paheja Siririka

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