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Hustle Fit raises the game

2021-09-08  Staff Reporter

Hustle Fit raises the game
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Emilie Shimbali


Elago Kapuka, a 26-year-old self-proclaimed hustler, believes in the beauty of the struggle and wants to give hope to all people attempting to make a life for themselves.

Hustling is to push or force one’s way or be aggressive to achieve success, especially in business or other financial dealings. 

It is sometimes confused with the slang meaning that refers to earning one’s living by illicit or unethical means. 

The Windhoek-based designer, however, says hustling isn’t just about putting in the effort to achieve your goals; “it’s also about presenting yourself in a smart, classy manner” and for this reason, founded his clothing line, Hustle Fit, in 2016.

Kapuka describes Hustle Fit as a street-oriented brand motivated by the daily struggle and success of goal-oriented people.

“I intend to replace some of the international brand names on the shelves in Namibia and also introduce my online shop. The moment has arrived to dress up and become a confident hustler,” he stated.

Kapuka says musicians, young entrepreneurs, and real-life hustlers seek out the Hustle Fit brand. 

He views his brand, managed by Blaqhouse Collections Management, as a way of life that is “like a hustler anthem” and promotes hard work.

Kapuka’s career as a designer began when he graduated from the College of the Arts, where he learned to design and produce garments. His father inspired him to go into business. 

The brand aspires to expand into a bigger company and employ youth.

“I would like to express my gratitude to my family, close friends, and a loyal fan base for helping me go this far. Anyone from Namibia can get their Hustle-Fit from me (0817848599) and follow me on social media at Hustlefit_ig on Instagram, Hustlefit_official on Facebook and Hustlefit_tktk on Tik Tok.”

2021-09-08  Staff Reporter

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