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I live my life through painting – Paulus

2021-12-03  Staff Reporter

I live my life through painting – Paulus
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  Terence Mukasa


Young accounting graduate from the University of Namibia, Meameno Paulus is on a life journey through painting.

Paulus said visual art was never something she considered doing as a job. 

“In high school, I didn’t know that what I was doing then as fun would become serious,” she told VIBEZ!

Upon graduating in mid-April 2017, Paulus took the full-time job of painting as her source of income, due to the limited employment opportunities in Namibia.

“It is not just a hobby anymore but also a source of income. People are willing to pay for my paintings; with that money, I can cater for my needs.”

The 25-year-old does all sorts of painting; African themes, animals, portraits, realistic paintings (Hyperrealism), landscapes, with sunrises and sunsets being her favourite.

She said sunsets and sunrises are “peaceful and there is so much beauty in nature that reminds me to appreciate and value life”.

Paulus is inspired by Anna Shalihu, a multi-talented Namibian of the same age, who sings, dances and draws.

The visual artist, who was born and raised in a small village in Ohangwena region, never got formal art lessons but found a way to expand her knowledge through YouTube videos and tutorials.

She said the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has also affected her business in a bad way, saying she is not selling as much as she would like to.

“It got me discouraged and I stopped painting for some time, however, painting is my hobby whether customers are buying or not; I still continue painting because it is something I love doing.”

Her customers are mainly her friends and close relatives.

With their encouragement and motivation, she ended up scooping N$5 000 at a recent Covid-19-themed creative competition. 

Paulus said she can paint and draw anything she imagines.

“I paint because it is a part of me; it gives me joy and fulfilment like it is my God-given gift. I paint because it is therapeutic, peaceful, relaxing and a way of finding my purpose and identity in this world.”

2021-12-03  Staff Reporter

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