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I urge breeders to invest in good bulls - Calitz

2019-10-29  Staff Reporter

I urge breeders to invest in good bulls - Calitz

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – The Agra central feedlot regional winner Beatus Calitz has urged fellow farmers and breeders to invest in good bulls.

Calitz was speaking to Farmers Forum at this year’s Agra Weaner Auction Championship awards held last week at Arebusch Lodge in Windhoek, saying that such investment produces many calves.
“I always say that if you want to invest in a good bull that will be a good investment because a bull will give you a lot of calves and that will give you a big influence in your herd,” said Calitz.

Calitz, who specialises in Saroli studs by crossbreeding it with a Brahman, further pointed out that if it is not a good bull, all the offspring of that bull will also not be good. “Rather pay a little bit more for a good bull and you will be assured to produce good weaners,” he emphasised.

Farmers Forum inquired on how one can still produce good calves while on communal land since a lot of cross-breeding occurs which doesn’t necessarily result in good calves. “I have customers from Epukiro constituency in the Omaheke region who have bought bulls from me, so I would also advise farmers in a communal space to come together and jointly buy one good bull and only breed with it to ensure good calves are produced,” said Calitz.

Being the regional winner, he said it was overwhelming, although he scooped the same award in 2015 and 2017. “It is a little overwhelming and a dream come true,” mentioned Calitz, who has been farming and breeding for the past 26 years.

The weaner competition which runs annually from July to September had auctions at 15 different auction pens, from as far south as Karasburg to the north in Grootfontein, which started on 9 July and ended on 19 September.

The overall winners in the central region include J Labuschagne in the Veld Regional category, and Frans Lottering in the Heifers with the Breeding Potential category. In the south, Andre Carlile took two awards for the Feedlot and Veld regional categories, while Theo Nghilundua and Peter van Schalkwyk scored the same points and were awarded best in the Heifers with Breeding Potential category.

Agra general manager for human resources Griffort Beukes said the company did not manage to reach last year’s number of 14 729 cattle sold, due to the extreme climatic conditions Namibia is currently experiencing. “We are, however, proud to state that, despite the drought, an unbelievable number of 11 831 cattle were sold this year. This is a reflection of the resilience and determination of Namibian farmers and their ability to withstand the challenges faced,” said Beukes.

The competition makes Agra the only auctioneer in Namibia to allow its sellers to not only compete at local auction pen level but also on a regional and national level.

2019-10-29  Staff Reporter

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