• September 28th, 2020

I want to tell African stories through the lenses- Green

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Nathan Green is a professional photographer who does portraits on lifestyles, intending to tell African stories through his lenses. Recently, Green and his team launched his project called Street Exhibition in Otjiwarongo.

This street exhibition focuses on the amazing life that happens in informal settlements such as DRC. They have dedicated a whole year of shooting and telling stories of the locals in DRC, Otjiwarongo, and then put up an A-class exhibition free of charge right in the heart of the location to ensure the right people see the stories.

“The main idea behind this project is to shape the narratives as Africans,” Green told Entertainment Now! He further said it is all about telling the African child that, he is okay where he is. “That he/she has to appreciate the home (this street) because it is where they are from and their values are rooted in that community. No one should look down on you because of where you are from,” he revealed.

Green who is currently based in Rome, Italy says after being there for a year, that’s when the idea surfaced. “My team and I came up with a project called This Street Exhibition. There is so much to celebrate in this land. And after my fair share of travelling, I can easily say poverty isn’t a special case to Africa,” stated Green.

Having started professionally in 2008, Green told Entertainment Now! this is a floating exhibition and they have identified Botswana as the next station. “We want to cover a large part of Africa and decided to host the second exposition in Botswana. I have lived in Botswana and I want to capture the normal Tswana lifestyle and show it to the world,” he revealed. Green further said, he has Zambia in his plans as his third station since he is originally from there.

To anyone who wants to be part of the exhibition, Green said it’s a voluntary type of venture. “We can offer certificates for having taken part or simply by shadowing those in charge of the exhibition,” assured Green. 

 With the assistance of Bank Windhoek, municipalities of towns where the exhibition will be hosted, Shoprite, NBL, Canvas Company and Impact Web Studio, Street Exhibition is a venture that will be successful. “At the end of the day, it is all about being proud of what you are and shaping your narrative,” stated 

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