• July 19th, 2019
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I will never give up on music, Ann Singer


Pinehas Nakaziko Award-winning Namibian songbird Annastasia Linus, popularly known as Ann Singer, has lifted the lid on her current projects, saying she is still on top of her musical game, recording new songs and attracting more international collaborations despite those saying she has completely given up on music after going silent for almost a year now. Ann Singer says although she is currently busy with schoolwork, trying to finish her radiography degree, she will never stop making music for her fans. “I am still busy in the studio working on my second album. I just finished recording seven new songs, and I am currently planning to release one single, hopefully with a video in June this year,” she says. Ann Singer, who also signed a deal with the South African major record label Mabala Noise at the beginning of last year after parting ways with Deal Done Records, says with the new label, she won’t lose her originality but continue with her style of singing, by writing songs in Oshiwambo and English, with words of love. Ann Singer says she is still deciding on which song to release because she has two on her mind. “I am still deciding because I have to choose from the song Twalenge or Iineya which are both good and well-crafted songs,” says Ann Singer adding that all the songs are rich in originality, and are produced by a talented Zimbabwean music producer, Joe-K. On her other new songs, Ann Singer worked with South African and Nigerian artists, including Moz-Kidd. Those who cannot recall her, Ann Singer joined the music industry when she was just a child. She debuted with an album ‘Bulletproof’ released towards the end of 2016 and from airplay on radio to comments from music critics, the young lady certainly has something to offer the music scene. At the beginning, she started singing with the likes of Berthold and Waka just to name a few before coming into the limelight as a solo artist in 2015. The 27-year-old musician also made a name for herself when she won four awards (Best Newcomer, Best RnB, Best Afro Pop and Best Album of the Year) at the 2016 Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). Ann Singer embodies the true essence of the solo female vocalist and is a heap of potential. She has thus far flagged herself as one of the future big musical stars Namibia has to offer. Commenting on her new songs, she says they promise to be different from her previous work, with a South African beat, but she will still sing in her mother language, Oshiwambo. Her plans for this year are to get more involved in community projects to help vulnerable people and perform a lot, and make more music for the people.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-23 09:56:00 1 years ago

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