• July 12th, 2020

Ila tulye's Kitchen

Hi guys welcome to my new column that will be published every fortnight in your favourite New Era’s Fridays section. Here you will be able to learn the basic importance of a recipe to your favourite dish and food. I will give you a few technical aspects as well as combinations of flavor and texture. Because my recipe communicates the ingredients and procedures I use to make these creations.

This week we delve into everybody’s favourite Fatcakes, vetkoek, junkies, puff puff.
They come with many names but the one thing we can certainly agree on is they are delicious and a firm favourite with any crowed. 

1kg/4 cups Flour150g/ half a cup Sugar10g yeast15g salt700ml Lukewarm water 750ml oil for frying
Step 1: Sieve and mix all dry ingredients together. 
Step 2: Add the lukewarm water cup by cup to form a soft dough.
Step 3: Knead the dough until it is smooth and elastic. When you tap the batter must pull a little. Cover and leave to rest for 60 minutes.
Step 4: Knock the dough down; divide it into desired round balls.
Step 5: Bake the vetkoek in deep hot oil until cooked and golden brown.
Step 6: Drain the vetkoek on a kitchen paper.

This can be enjoyed on its own, with tea, curry mince or any stews. Until next time have a happy meal remember to always take down notes. Ila Tulye. Come, Let’s eat.

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2020-03-13 11:34:34 | 3 months ago

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