• April 18th, 2019
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Illegal schools to face long arm of the law

Matheus Hamutenya Keetmanshoop-//Kharas education director Johannes //Hoeseb has issued a stern warning to schools operating without the blessings of the education ministry that the ministry will ensure they face the law. In an interview with New Era yesterday, //Hoeseb said the directorate has learnt with great concern that some people illegally run home schools, or private schools. He said as the custodian of education in the country, the education ministry is responsible to give approval to anyone that wants to run a school, but he said some have however bypassed this procedure and started home schools without seeking permission from the ministry first, which he said is against the law, and warned those responsible that the law will catch up with them. “These schools are supposed to be registered with the ministry – so whoever is running such schools should note that it is illegal and we will take the law and involve the police to stop this.” He noted that the problem seems to be rife at the zinc mining town of Rosh Pinah, where 17 home schools are known to be operating illegally, adding that there might be others in different towns which are not yet known. The //Kharas education head further explained that the exercise is not only illegal, as it goes against the guidelines and policies of the ministry, but also compromises the quality of education, saying some of these schools might not use the approved curriculum and books, while the qualification of the teachers is also questionable. He therefore stressed the need for anyone who wants to start a school to follow the right procedures and seek approval from the ministry before operating one, so that they get the necessary assistance in enhancing the quality of education. “We need to see the curriculum of these schools, and ensure that learners attending these schools receive the same quality education as the rest,” he stated. As schools reopen for 2018, //Hoeseb urged teachers to work hard, and respect learners so that the learners can emulate and respect the teachers, while he called on parents to discipline their children, saying ill-discipline is a problem and teachers spend valuable teaching time on solving disciplinary issues, which should come to an end.
New Era Reporter
2018-01-10 09:37:28 1 years ago

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