• April 26th, 2019
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‘Imawida’ crowned fistball league champions

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Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Swakopmund-Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW) were crowned champions in both the National A and B division of the National Fistball Leagues in Swakopmund, last weekend. The final three matches in the national A league kicked off in typical freezing coastal weather just before the finals. CFC 2 showcased their best performance of the season in both their matches against elder brother CFC 1 and record extending league champions SKW 1. The CFC second strings were very close in winning a set but were denied by the finalists and while CFC 1 started much better in the finals, they could unfortunately not hold their lead as a result of self-inflicted unforced errors – leaving SKW 1 to claim the first set. In the second set, the title defendants faded entirely allowing the green-and-whites (Imawida) to beat CFC 1 capitalizing on the weak services from Cohen 1. In the third set, the blue/whites recovered significantly as their build up play and execution went according to their tactics giving them a quick 4: 0 lead. However, this did not last long as unforced errors once again diminished their lead. The set remained tense until the end, but CFC 1 won eventually but in the fourth set, SKW picked up their game attacking mercilessly. Imawida held CFC 1 at a distance dictating the tempo. The fifth set brought back excitement to the game, as CFC 1 turned the game around to claim the set. With the score at 3-2, both teams were showing signs of fatigue having given it their best shot at the title. This was noticeable in the sixth set, as the attacks from both teams lacked power. In the end, SKW managed to squeeze through wining 4-2 to reclaim the title. In the National B league’s semifinals, SFC and DTS battled it out with the latter starting better, scored quickly to claim the set. This was followed by two marathon sets, which could not be more nail-biting for spectators. The hosts won both sets 14-12 but DTS went close to winning the next two sets, but were beaten 4-1 as SFC claimed a spot in the final with the victory. In the third place play off, CFC 3 and SFC confronted each other and it was once again a tight affair as none of the two teams wanted to give up easily. The pair fought till the end. At the end, Cohen 3 sneaked the bronze medal following a hard fought 4-3 triumph. The final between defending champions SKW 2 and the coastal fistballers was rather unspectacular as Imawida unleashed a solid display to claim the championship 4-0. The match between the Minis from hosts SFC and CFC was staged in the hall, with Cohen winning 5-0. Player of the day trophy went to Stephan Zimny of SKW 1. The national tourney takes place on Saturday, 4 November next month at the Cohen Fistball Club. Here are the final log standings in both leagues. National A League 1. SKW 1 2.Cohen 1 3.Cohen 2 National B League 1.SKW 2 2.SFC 1 3.Cohen 3 4. DTS 5. Cohen 4
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