• April 1st, 2020

Impactus 4: Our silence was strategic

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK - Impactus 4 has been on hiatus for more than 10 years for strategic purposes, Entertainment Now! has learnt. The group was formed in 1984 with all four original members still present to date.
“We agreed on expanding and decided to give space to Yola Semedo to pursue her solo path,” said the group.

Entertainment Now! was inquiring on their absence from the Kizomba scene when they were recently in Namibia for the Danca 2019 event hosted at the Unam Sports Filed in the capital.
After close to four decades, 35 years to be exact, in the music industry Impactus 4 said they needed her to grow.

“That’s what kept the rest of the group quiet for such a long time. And the reason for the silence is that having Yola and Impactus 4 at the same time would confuse the supporters and, therefore, their attention needed to be on one element. We must admit that it worked out well,” they said.
Now that her name has been established and there is no room for confusion, the band has reappeared with a difference and promise there will be no confusion.

Impactus 4 consists of Alcino Semedo behind the drums, Jorge Semedo on the guitar, Eduína Semedo in charge of the bass with Yola Semedo leading the vocals with the backing of everyone else. 
The group has since welcomed João Paulo behind the percussions and Vanesa Tabarez handling the keyboards and assisting with the vocals, which makes them six to date.

The drummer in the group, Alcino Semedo, said their Kizomba approach has been influenced by their role models from different places.

“Our influence of Kizomba is from places such as Cape Verde, French Islands like Martini Islands and Guadeloupe,” he told Entertainment Now!

The group says Kizomba is overtaking the world. “Everywhere you go, people have established a keen interest in Kizomba, the music is accompanied by a unique way of dancing plus there are people that come from overseas to live culture, especially in Angola,” they said.

The structure of the work is in Luanda, Angola, but the group has always been based here in Namibia.
“We were exposed to different types of music and that’s what gave us the versatility we have today. The exposure to English, specifically to the Namibian market gave us the possibility of broadening our horizon and the same goes to the South African or American markets, they made us tap into different markets,” they explained.

What makes Impactus 4 unique and relevant is versatility. “We are not confined to anything, the capabilities to read different environments is what makes it relevant and unique. It is not easy holding a group together for so long and that’s also unique,” said the drummer.

He said it is impossible to satisfy every aspect of society, but they try. “That makes us relevant and unique. The fact that we can be at a certain spot and tell what kind of approach to have is also a special trait,” he further explained.

With four albums under their belt, Impactus 4 whispered to Entertainment Now! that they are busy with their fifth project to released next year.

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